Endomembrane System
Nucleus sends proteins into the Rough ER
Rough ER synthesizes proteins and packages them
Smooth ER synthesizes lipids to send to the Golgi
Rough ER synthesizes proteins and packages them into vesicles botit.botany.wisc.edu
Transport vesicle taking proteins to Golgi
Transport vesicle taking lipids to the Golgi
Lysosome contains digest enzymes that break down nutrients for the body or substances entering the cell by endocytosis.
The food vacuole meets up with the lysosome to digest the cell parts for energy and nutrients
The food vacuole is on its way to a lysosome to excrete necessary minerals for the body. A vacuole can store water, organic compounds, ions, and waste for the cell.
The process of engulfing and ingestion of particles by the cell to form a food vacuole, then to be combined with a lysosome where the engulfed material is digested or degraded and either released by exocytosis, or released intracellularly to undergo further processing.
A secretory vesicle transports proteins from the Golgi to the plasma membrane to undergo exocytosis and be released from the cell.
Exocytosis is a process where an intracellular membrane("bubble") moves to the plasma membrane and directs the contents of secretory vesicles out of the cell membrane and into the extracellular space.
Nucleolus which transcribes rRNA and combines it with proteins to form almost complete ribosomes.
Mitochondria which is the powerhouse of the cell. 0.tqn.com
The secretory vesicle containing the protein is leaving the Golgi Apparatus to attach to the plasma membrane.
A protein is sent from the Golgi to the lysosome to be digested by the enzymes.

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