Red Apple Ad
Purpose: To capture smokers' attentions by provoking their thirst of blowing sweet pleasant smoke through their lungs.
Audience: Audience would be people of all classes, particularly males because males would be more attracted to the woman. The box of cigarettes looks healthy because of the red apple, therefore making everyone wants to buy it. This ad encourages experienced smokers to buy a product that satisfies Nurse Bonnie, who represents an ordinary beautiful lady that every man ever dream of. This ad also targets people who badly want to try out the taste of "SATISFACTION."
Speaker: Red Apple used Nurse Bonnie as a speaker to advertise their product because she attracts the audience by representing an ideal woman for men, who is stunningly beautiful and likes to smoke. She's a nurse and she knows about being healthy. Thus if she smokes, then tobacco must be good for your health. She's hot so guys want it more.On the same hand, nurses are seen as helpful good people who are like responsible, making it seems like if you smoke Red Apple cigarettes, you'll be responsible like her.
Occasion: The Golden Age of Tobacco. The occasion is meant for situations when a male wants to impress an attractive female like the nurse with the cigarette. Another situation can be when someone feels unhealthy and remembers 'one red apple a day keeps the doctor away' and smokes a cigarette to feel better.
Subject: A pack of cigarettes that makes the audience crave for the "red apple," AKA a delightful cigarette.
Tone: The quote "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away" expressed a healthy and refreshing tone toward the subject of Red Apple Cigarettes. It creates a tone of necessity and importance because going to the doctor means your're sick and you might die and the prospect of healthy cigarettes makes them feel like they need it to survive.
Tone: The quote "Nothing matches the blend of costly tobaccos for that distinctive crisp and sweet flavor!" created a tone of grandeur of taste unmatched by any other tobacco product toward the audience. The claim that it is a blend of costly tobaccos sets a fancy tone that makes the reader feel aristocratic if they own it. The claim that nothing matches it sets a tone of superiority and grandeur that can't be found anywhere else, increasing its conceived value.

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