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The jersey is red. Very red. Some would call that minimalist. Some would call it cheap and unimaginative. It’s so red that there’s no black trim, which Canada has used in recent years. So will there be red pants and helmets to go with, to create a monochrome look? It’s become trendy in the NFL and Nike makes those jerseys too.
Jonathan Toews, captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, is the model for this jersey. The look on his face, perhaps, sums up the entire effect.
The Nike logo suggests that it is the real deal.
There appears to be something slippery and shiny on the shoulders. This “texture” treatment is also something Nike has brought to the NFL with a few uniforms, mostly at the neckline.
It may be hard to spot but there is a tiny little bit of gold trim around the Maple Leaf, which is a bit much, even for Canadians.
The fake ties (the topic of much ridicule online) at the collar are similar to the ones that appeared on the recent U.S. jersey, which were liked by absolutely no one. Nike really has a thing about screwing up collars.
There are no numbers on this jersey on the arms, which would be unusual. Those are generally known as TV numbers. Expect numbers to be on the final product and here’s a guess: They will be red.
Twitter, which is rarely kind, has been especially not kind to the new uniform. Here is one chosen randomly: ‏@brenasaur31m "The team Canada hockey jerseys are vomit-inducing."
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