Folding Stock
The AN-94 is a Russian Assualt Rifle based off of the AK-47 platform, with a unique two round burst feature. It was made to replace the AK-74m series of weapons but proved to be to expensive to make.
A standard magazine of an AK-74 is used with a max capacity of 30 or 45 rounds.
The barrel moves with the bolt in the two round burst feature, delaying the recoil intill both bullets have left the barrel.
Hand Guard
Standard Pistol Grip, with the simple enlarged trigger guard for gloved hands in winter conditions. The magazine release is also infront of the trigger guard.
These two circles are a unique muzzle brake used to reduce recoil. "body armor killer" :) AN-94 Abakan - assault rifle, a limited edition for special forces"..АН94 действительно демонстрирует недостижимую для всех принятых... Enjoy the videos and music that you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube. An94 gun moc made by me with complete working features

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