Okay, say this one five times fast: sweetbread schnitzel with pickled plum puree.
Fried carrots with whipped feta and sumac.
Grilled snapper with walnut pilaf and milkweed tzatziki—because, yes, milkweed is totally a thing now.
Baked konafi (a cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup) with poached blueberries and pistachios.
Hazelnut and date rugelach—just in case you’re not full already.
Solomonov does origami (and surfs, and boxes, and breakdances …) on the side, so he often sends guests home with an example of his work.
White chocolate cake with sachlav, poached peaches and blackberries.
Fresh falafel with kale and amba—a sour mango pickle.
At about the midpoint of the menu, Solomonov whips out the big guns with foie gras and hanger steak al ha’esh, with potatoes and scallions.
While hummus tehina can be a total throwaway (and occasional giveaway) elsewhere, Solomonov’s version, with spiced lamb and pine nuts, is one of the core dishes of his tasting menu.
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