SMART Response Tutorial on how to download SMART Notebook 11 to access the SMART Response software
Actions Panel
Tools panel
drop down menu- properties , infinite cloner, grouping sound, locking, etc. group, ungroup, lock and unlock object in SMART Notebook
Rotation handle
Resize handle
Customize Toolbar More tutorials and direction sheets available at The new toolbar in SMART Notebook 11 and 14 takes some ...
move toolbar to top or bottom
Document camera
Math Tools MAth Tools en tu pizarron SMARTboard
view screens- dual page, transparent background, full screen, percentage page. This video shows how to use make Notebook 11 show the Entire Page view while in Full Screen mode
Add-ons- Extreme Collaboration and Activity Builder This is a short overview of one of the new features available in SMART Board Notebook, the Activity Builder. You must have downloaded SMART Board 11 to acces...
advance page
Pens-crayon, magic pen, highlighter , etc. This is a tutorial on the types of pens in Smart Notebook 11.
insert ruler
Fill SMART Board® interactive whiteboard users learn some new features with the "Fill" tool in SMART Notebook™ software. Here are the st...
Gallery Install the Gallery Beta 2.0 and start using it today. Learn about this new addition to SMART Notebook 11 in this short video
Properties In this video, learn how to change the properties of objects using the Properties Tab within SMART Notebook software.
SMART exchange - explore lessons With the SMART Exchange, you can find, evaluate, download and share over 40,000 resources that can be effortlessly used with a...
SMART Floating Toolbar Use SMART Notebook tools with any program by using the SMART Notebook floating toolbar.
Pin page Learn to use the Dual Page Display view option in SMART Notebook 11.

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