Any Way You Slice It: Best Pizza Choices in Philly
Delivery: With Santucci’s delivery from Bella Vista, the pie is still steaming and the crust is still crispy upon arrival. At least one of those facts is a miracle.
Destination: Pizza Brain is a destination. Go for the World’s First Pizza Museum, stay for the incredible (and strange) pies.
Deep Dish: The Chicago Deep Dish at Garces Trading Co. is a great pizza that’s not really pizza. (Start sending your hate mail now, casserole lovers.)
Franzone’s does the best simple blue-collar pie: Nothing fancy—just an addictive sweet sauce on one of the best non-gourmet pizzas you’ll find.
Old School: Go old-school with Gennaro’s Tomato Pies—crispy New York-style pizzas to make your heart sing, probably in Italian.
Roman: Bufad—any pizza you have to cut with scissors is cool from the start.
Takeout: If you’re taking out, you can’t beat Pizzeria Beddia: no phone, no chairs, no slices, weird hours, and pies from pizza savant Joe Beddia, who uses nothing but the best ingredients.

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