Detroit News on Detroit's bankruptcy
With Gov. Rick Snyder's blessing, Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr sought bankruptcy protection Thursday afternoon five minutes before an Ingham County judge was set to block Snyder's authority from doing so. Detroit News - Home
Howes: he bankruptcy of Detroit, confirmed in 16 pages filed at 4:06 p.m. Thursday, marks an epic fall for an iconic American city even as it opens a new chapter whose ending is decidedly uncertain. Detroit News - Home
The city of Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history Thursday afternoon, culminating a decades-long slide that transformed the nation's iconic industrial town into a model of urban decline crippled by population loss, a dwindling tax base and financial problems. Detroit News - Home
Now Detroit is at the mercy of a Chapter 9 process that no one truly understands, and so no one can predict with any confidence where it will lead. Detroit News - Home
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