What will I gain by replacing the older technology with the new technology?
Have I added an improvement that could not be accomplished at the fundamental level?
Does the modification fundamentally depend on the new technology?
Does the modification fundamentally depend on the new technology?
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Example of Redefinition flic.kr Original project by Ashley Kannan, modified by Susan Oxnevad
Example of Modification flic.kr Project designed by Ashley Kannan
Example of Augmentation flic.kr Project designed by Ashley Kannan
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Research:<br />Students can quickly access flexible search engines to find information.
Writing:<br />Students will begin to write more than with handwritten text.
Digital Citizenship:<br />Introduce avatars to get students thinking about protecting their identities when online.
Research:<br />Student can construct knowledge through research guided by Essential Questions and use that knowledge to create something original.
Writing:<br />Built in writing supports and integrated research and reference tools improve efficiency of the writing task.
Digital Citizenship: Students learn about copyright. They create citations and use copyright free images.
Research:<br />Students conduct their own research. Teachers provide guidance and get out of their way!
Research:<br />Students can make decisions about use of efficient search tools to find information.
Digital Citizenship<br />Students identify a task through collaboration with International partners (who are at a similar age/grade), then using a variety of tools, plan solution(s)
Writing:<br />Students write for audiences. They write more and edit content frequently.
Writing: Students regularly collaborate online through writing in real time.
Having reached consensus globally, students present the solutions while mindful of copyright and intellectual honesty. The end product is student driven, not teacher owned.
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