Progress- Change grades badges export grades www.youtube.com YouTube
Discover www.youtube.com Teaching is a busy occupation. Why reinvent the wheel when you can access a multitude of shared resources specific to what you are teaching. Discover is a ne...
Library- Folders Google Drive icons are bigger www.youtube.com How to upload into the libarary, creat folders, and share folders
Profile<br />Setting -email and text updates ( change setting to not recieve emails ) <br />Privacy settings Archived tags www.youtube.com Edmodo Account Settings 2013
Edmodo Store www.youtube.com Adding Apps to Edmodo - YouTube
Manage- install and uninstall apps
Apps Launcher
Favorite Apps
Group code and Lock and unlock group www.youtube.com Edmodo Basics: Lock a group or reset your group code - YouTube
Group that you are currently viewing.
Group join URL
Quiz www.youtube.com YouTube
Create a Poll www.youtube.com YouTube
Folder for this group-<br />Disable a folder from this group or remove. Now you can order your folders.
Filter by- post, alerts , assignments, quiz
Reactions www.youtube.com Ongoing feedback for teachers and students is integral for quality lifelong learning. Edmodo has introduced Insights and Reactions. You will learn how studen...
Assignments-<br />Schedule assignments in advance (hourly only) <br />Load previous assignments www.youtube.com How to use Edmodo to create assignments for students. This feature allows you to set a date and store the assignment for future use.
Print parent codes <br />,user names and more for Members in this group.<br /><br />See a list of members.<br />change member passwords.<br /><br />remove member from group.<br />set member to read only status, etc.<br /><br />Print- usernames, names, parent codes, learning styles
Alerts www.youtube.com Sending Alerts on Edmodo
Edmodo "What's New?" www.schooltube.com Learn all about the new features of the latest release of Edmodo.
Group Setting - (name, grade) and (read only and moderate post-- archive group and delete group) Group description www.youtube.com Edmodo Basics: Change Group Settings - YouTube

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