Daniel Rook and Annie Josephine (O'Brien) Vaughan and Family
Henry Lewis Vaughan, b. 7 Apr 1878, was a Master Mariner and participated in the Spanish-American War. He was also the "Rum Runner" in the family, running rum through Corpus Christi, TX with his younger brother Dan. yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com
Annie Josephine (O'Brien) Vaughan, b.27 Jul 1853 in Dublin, Ireland ~ She came to New Orleans, LA to visit her cousins in abt.1872 and met Daniel Vaughan, a carpenter, who had been working at her cousin's home. She married him and stayed in America. The rest is family history. yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com
Daniel Rook Vaughan, b.11 Nov 1847 in Ypsilanti, MI, was a musician in the Civil War. He rocks a mean 'stache, eh? yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com
Jane "Genevieve" Lennon (Vaughan) Bouquet, b.2 Dec 1884 in Bolivar Point, TX, married and then divorced Claiborne Leander Bouquet. {She and I share a birthday. Well, except for the year. I'm not THAT old.} yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com
Viola "Vyla" Prudence (Vaughan) Sproul Clifton Brandenburg, b.23 Jul 1883 on Point Bolivar, TX, has kept me busy finding all her husbands. Growing up, I always overheard funny stories about my Gran's neighbor Vyla. No one mentioned she was my Great Aunt. yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com
Alice Florence (Vaughan) Truitt {my Great grandmother}, lovingly known by her descendants as "Boo" or "Bamboo," was b.23 Oct 1880 on Pt. Bolivar, TX. She married Claudius Roy Truitt and together had 3 children with him ~ Mary Alice {my Gran}, Anne Josephine, and John Cluade. I remember meeting her when I was little. yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com
Boo's baptismal record read by her Great Granddaughter, Caroline (Marshall) Pointer. youtu.be Alice Florence (Vaughan) Truitt's Baptismal Register Entry as read by her Great Granddaughter, Caroline Martin (Marshall) Pointer. Baptized 1 Mar 1881, St. M...
Learn how I acquired this photo. ~Caroline yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com
Stories Within the Old Lighthouse yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com
Daniel "Dan" Warren Vaughan, b.28 Jan 1890, was the only child of Daniel and Annie's to be born in Corpus Christi, TX, where Daniel and Annie had a shipyard and hotel. Later, he'd help his older brother, Henry, run rum through Corpus. I haven't written about him. Yet. trees.ancestry.com
James Cornel Vaughan, b.7 Jan 1876 on Point Bolivar, TX, and passed away some time before the 1880 census. yourfamilystory-cmpointer.blogspot.com

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