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Tarragon, radish, snow peas, pickled shallots, ginger media.philly.com
Buttermilk, poppy seed, green chili paste, white soy, chive media.philly.com
Sugar snap peas, charred pea tendrils, shiso, cucumber, mustard oil, creme fraiche media.philly.com
Green grapes, elderflower jelly, candied peanuts media.philly.com
Siberian sturgeon caviar, brown butter, crispy potato, cauliflower mushrooms media.philly.com
Chicken sausage, braised snails, garlic, crispy chicken skin, pecorino, Italian parsley media.philly.com
Chorizo, white cheese, pickled and roasted onions, sour cream, lime media.philly.com
Lemon puree, herbs, stewed onions media.philly.com
Whole grain mustard, grilled asparagus, fried potatoes, Asian pear media.philly.com
Hoisin, scallion, pickles, potato roll media.philly.com
Honey, roasted carrot, lardo, coriander, malt vinegar, pickled radish media.philly.com
Tonburi, charred jalapeno, stem lettuce, soy
Oysters, razor clams, pineapple, seaweed, roasted fennel, olive oil
Charred bean sprouts, XO sauce, squid
Smoked potato salad, pepperoncini, blue crab, trout roe, chive oil
Cumin, Japanese eggplant, spring garlic, mint, yogurt, black olive oil ($55 for two on printed menu)