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Life Changes: A CNBC Special Report

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From the Maternity Ward to Frat Row Do you really need to start saving for your child’s college education at birth? Yes, and here is the right way to plan ahead, way ahead. www.cnbc.com
Do You Need a Retirement Coach? For some retirees who have led ‘round the clock corporate lives, retiring to a 24-hour-a-day crossword puzzle habit is a recipe for insanity, or at least boredom. Is there a need to manage the concept of retirement as much as specific retirement assets. www.cnbc.com
All in the Family For wealthy families, the inter-generation management of wealth and sibling rivalries can test even the closest-knit families. www.cnbc.com
Financial Analysis of Your Fiancée Long before you head to the altar, ask the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with how much credit card debt they’ve racked up. Advisors offer tips to newlyweds for heading off irreconcilable financial differences. www.cnbc.com
When It’s Time to Trust Your Grown Children It’s great that we are living longer than ever before and maintaining a high quality of life, but ultimately, seniors have to consider when it’s time to trust their grown children to help manage their finances. It’s a touchy transition. www.cnbc.com