iReflect @ BPE
Marianna and Sandy helping set up ifiles/pic background/etc
Children getting their own iPads in and out works great!
Wish we had- email acct for kinders (or group kinder acct)
Learning was enhanced- not changed but better!
Beginning training session for kiddos worked well.
Worked: Marianna and Sandy helping set up.
Follow up help with small groups helped.
Did work: no do or dies
Didn't work: websites that require flash. Kind of a bummer.
teaching impacted- collaborate with team to figure out what we can use on iPad that will enhance what we are already doing
worked- paws up!
Worked: saving and sending projects via iFiles.
Would like more help with getting projects to parents... Email,etc. ?
Didn't work- having no flash drive. Limited what we could do
Learning impact - became a tool not always "ipad" time. Found ways to integrate ipads into real learning
Wish- we had an easy way to share projects and work with parents
Worked well- paws up, students having access to email. Easy way to turn in assignments
Suggestions - more and more and more projects, ideas, ways to integrate for kinder
Impact: research! Kids are able to find info FAST!
practice time for kiddos to explore and learn from each other
tips - easy easy to train them to get own ipads, charge, them, etc
Didn't work: no access to compass learning, math apps, customized learning, etc
Wish- we had more collab time to come up with new ideas!!
Learning impact- having access to research tools
Learning impacted: students were more interested and vested in their learning
Suggestions: Mojica's ipad app form for all students at beginning of year
Worked well: ifiles, discipline, storage, student collaboration, student engagement, projects (with tech chick support)
Teaching impacted- gave me a variety of tools and functions to teach with
Tips- don't plug iPads in every day- just at the end of the week or when needed
Suggestion: more time at onset of year learning about safe searches
Wishes- flash drive that works!!! Being able to use every math online, Kahn academy, etc on student iPads
Tips: the Geek Squad distributes and takes up ipads in my room. Less of a mess than 22 kids at the cabinet.
Didn't work: EM apps, compass learning, slow for kids to type
Thanks to Sandy and Marianna for excellent training of students and teachers
Teaching impacted: students who did not enjoy the writing process were won over with a more efficient revision process
Trainings: I don't know enough to know what I need! Guide us please. :)
Teaching impacted: loved this as a way to have students show me what they learned and the level of understanding
Tips for mgmt: plug iPads in only on Fri, be specific about what you want the students to be doing on the iPads. "Paws up..3..2..1."
Training suggestions: love the bobcat blog updates- keep me coming. Great way to get new ideas!
Worked well: collaboration, student engagement, parent support, encourages student creativity
Celebrations: capturing those kids who normally are checked out
Wishes: would love students to be assigned their original iPad so work stays with them
Teaching impacted: collaborated with team for new/better ideas, made me more creative as a teacher (apps, projects, etc.)
Training: ipadpalooza mandatory
Wishes: continue tech chick support, more time to collab with team
Celebrations: bobcat blog, tech chicks, Grabs attn from kids who have a difficult time focusing. Allows for more meaningful projects.
What didn't work: not having earphones from the start. Some took forever to bring
Didn't work: everyday math, spelling city...sites we really need!
What worked: having the tech chicks preteach.
What worked well: loved when the tech chicks came in to introduce iPads to the students. Trainings were awesome!!
worked well: pre-teaching, and wonderful tech support!
How impacted: able to use to do more project orient learning/projects
suggestions: more sharing about neat apps that are educational
trainings: more data collected apps?
Impact: iPads had an amazing impact on our classroom. Love them!
impacted: the wonderful ability for the students to research their questions instead of asking the teacher
Great tool for learning.
Periodic checks of history and pictures!
Impact: kids learned how to use iPad as a tool not just a toy, for example, for research and presentations
paper conservation!
Learning impacted: kids learned to look at the iPad as a learning tool not just something to play games with for fun
Celebrations- Marianna and Sandy did an excellent job coming into the classrooms to introduce the iPad.
The iPads implementation was very smooth. Seemed to be an easy transition for all students.
Didn't work: not crazy about how the iPads are stored under the tv but not sure what else we can do
Teaching was impacted by allowing teaching to be more individualized.
Didn't work: headphones and earbuds everywhere, get lost
What did not work well- need to continue to remind students throughout the year of the iPad expectations.
Worked well: students caught onto everything quickly
Training next year: getting more familiar with educational apps and how we can use them
Better filters on safari.
Teaching impacted: definitely a learning year for me as well as students, had to jump in and just go for it, out of my comfort zone
iTunes gift cards were nice
A few Ipads for the art rooms would be awesome!
Liked the bobcat blog updates
Love that we were able to develop our own art-specific iPad trainings
iPads were so useful when kids couldn't participate in PE!
Seeing what others are doing with their IPads, thanks for the blog Marianna
Great tech support!
Would love a place to submit quick & easy questions and have the answer given to all staff to share the info!
Bills and coins is a great app for counting money
Enjoyed seeing the utilization of Ipads in classrooms& how teachers implemented the iPads through the bobcat blog:)
LOVE having Marianna & Sandy who know our campus and staff and can therefore meet our needs more efficiently!
I loved seeing how other teachers used them in their classrooms so I could learn from them
Still need more training with the google docs!
Wish for next year: coordinate a time when full classes can bring their iPads to music to use some of the great educational apps!
Big Dream: Garage Band on iPads for 3-5th grades
Love having knowledgeable staff available to help!
Meet every six weeks for any type of training that we could use help on!
Dream: mobile Mac lab!
I saw kids with rules and systems in place so clearly that we could come in to do a lesson will easy transitions
In my 21 yrs teaching, no tool has promoted differentiation better!
i wish the kids could take these home
I was challenged to adapt my teaching in order to incorporate the iPads, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.
The enthusiasm of the children towards learning and even not wasting time!!!
Lots of Mac training!!!
More app training for non-classroom staff. We missed out on a lot because we were not there for classroom rollout
loved the blogs showing what others were doing :)
Loved having the blog for more ideas
It worked well when we allowed students to choose which app to use
kids were independent and were engaged...changed teaching
Let the students figure out what the apps can do and how!
some trouble getting projects off ipads
Loved the blog website that showed how other grades were utilizing technology
"Exploring time" and then having the students teach the class what they found was a class favorite
Allowed me as teacher to loosen the reins on strict project instructions
need more app training to be able to use with rti and sped students
Trouble when iPads were updated with ifiles login (with younger kiddos)
What didn't work: Students misusing email
Misusing Internet
What worked: students figuring out what apps work for their particular assignment.
I wish that students could have more instructional training on how to use Apps more effectively and efficiently.
Pictures. Way too many selfies and saved google images (puppies, cars, vacation homes, etc.)
worked- students teaching each other about apps
Good ways to practice math facts
What didn't work so well-sped staff did not have iPads loaded with grade level apps
Meeting with other grade levels/teachers to discuss cool projects done in class
Student motivation to read using iPad increased dramatically.
Worked: very motivating for Sped students
Work on-- teaching about copyright and giving credit to sources
Teaching impacted: more dynamic lessons with high student participation
Wish: we had better way to add specialized apps for Sped students
What didn't work: earbuds broke easily...
Bobcat blog helped give us ideas for projects. Keep it coming!
to think about.....I believe we need to reach a level of "comfortableness" to use the iPad as a learning tool. Currently serves as a Project
Project Tool. I would like to see it immersed into learning with more than just cute projects.
Wish: we had iPad checks like notebook checks. That way we can check what they are saving in their camera roll
Learning impacted: particular students with writing challenges were able to write science reports using app
Differentiation! students participated in class, felt successful, b/c tools on the iPad eliminated the fears of feeling different.
Learning Impacted~ invested and motivated learners
Wish: have a screen free day or week
Teachers being allowed to install free apps themselves rather than waiting weeks
What worked: Flexibility with using a variety of apps to be creative in completing assignments.
Wish: every teacher gets a Mac
Liked: iPad covers, stickies with students numbers, and iPad stands.
What worked:accessibility to unlimited resources
Wish: printing from iPad
Liked: iPad covers, stickies with students numbers, and iPad stands.
Suggestions for trainings: what apps each grade level is using - useful apps that work. Sharing project ideas.
Teaching impacted - opened up a whole new world of resources and ideas
What didn't work: Individual recording for different apps was difficult because of too many students trying to record at the same time.
Need to figure out better monitoring
What worked: dictation apps. huge success.
Wishes- consistency on iPad "language". Maybe make posters as a reminder???
Teaching Impact: Great tool! But needs to be teacher monitored and consistent systems on place.
Celebrations - most of the kids used their ipads in the manner for which they were intended!!
Thank you for bobcat blog it is a great way to see what teachers are doing
Worked..bobcat blog...big time
Celebrations...loved the level of trust and risk.
Tips and beginning of year work in small groups
Trainings next year...I would like more hands on training with apps and more ideas for their use in the classroom. A few apps per meeting
Didn't work...whole group use not as we'll as small group. Tumble books didn't work consistently
Worked well...scribble press, ch. loved google earth and linked that with learning about maps. Exploring apps was fun
Learning very eager to use and experiment with iPads.
Worked Well: Giving Students Freedom To iExplore And Letting Them Show Staff What They Learned-Taught Independence, Allowed For Creativity
Learning Impacted: Lessons were generalized and students were able to understand what was being taught in several different ways.
Suggestions For Trainings: Learn About Apps That Can Be Used W/ Sp.Ed. Students (educational, data collection, etc.) And How To Use Them
Thanks for letting us know when Apps that usually cost money are free so that we can install them on our Staff iPads!
Didn't Work: Sp.Ed. Staff Not Able To Install Apps Immediately As Needed On Student iPads

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