Renaissance Art (BMS)
In this painting, your attention is focused on the woman's face. To do this this painting to focus attention on her face, the colors are bright around her face, and everything else is darker.
This is the website where I got the picture.
This painting is easily recognized as Renaissance by the perspective given by the depth and shadowing, seen oh her dress.
You can see perspective on this painting by looking at the mountains in the background, proportioned to be smaller than the woman to look as if they are in the distance. This also shows depth.
This painting is called Young Woman with Unicorn, painted by Raphael. Young Woman with Unicorn - Wikipedia
The realism in the photo is another component of Renaissance art, the distinguishes it from Classical art.
Humanism was portrayed in Renaissance art. Humanism was a big part in the Renaissance. Wikispaces site closed page
This video explains more about the Renaissance art and the Renaissance itself. The Renaissance was a time of art, music, engineering, trade, and amazing change. The Renaissance changed the face of humanity forever and continues to the l...

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