Parts of a Business Letter Worksheet.
Letterhead: also known as the Return Address
Date: When the letter is written
Inside address: The address of the person the letter is going to.
Salutation: the Greeting or pleasant Hello
Body: the purpose or reason the letter is being written
Complimentary closing: The last part of the letter... the "Good Bye" that shows the letter is over.
Blank Space: this space is left for the SIGNATURE. The hand written name of the person sending the letter.
Name and Title: The name and title of the letter. Typically the final part of the letter. The TYPED name of the person sending the letter.
Initials: these are the initials of the person typing the letter. Ex. Secretary, husband, wife, assistant, etc.
Enc or Enclosures: Represents any other items in the envelope/package. Ex. court papers, emails, text messages, forms to fill out.
cc or carbon copy: a copy of the letter was sent to that person.

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