The Muscular System
Our project is about the muscular system in the human body. The parts that we are researching are the smooth muscle, the cardiac muscle, and the skelatal muscles. Wikispaces site closed page
Did you ever wonder what muscles are found in the walls of your intestine, stomach or even inside of your blood vessels? Well guess what? It’s the smooth muscles! Even though your smooth muscles are yours, you can’t control them. They are involuntary muscles. Involuntary means that your brain controls your muscles, but you can’t control them yourself! Your smooth muscles can be found inside of your intestines, stomach or your blood vessels. Do you know what you have to do to keep your body? You have to eat healthy and exercise to stay healthy. To eat healthy and keep your smooth muscles working you have to eat vegetables, fruits and dairy. To exercise you can go to the gym, have morning/night walks or even walk inside your house.
Hello! We are fifth graders from New York and we are studying different kinds of muscles and researching about how to keep the muscles healthy. Wikispaces site closed page
The cardiac muscle is found in the heart wall. It is an involuntary muscle because it contracts automatically and it never ever gets tired. It contracts 70 times a minute which is about 100,000 times a day. It also never rests during your entire life. The cardiac muscle pumps blood through the body and the blood carries fuel and oxygen to the muscles, the bones, other organs. This type of muscle also grows and repairs itself. To keep the cardiac muscle healthy you have to exercise. Two examples of healthy exercises are anaerobic and aerobic exercises. To keep your cardiac muscle healthy you should also eat healthy and stay healthy at all times.
One of the skeletal muscles in your body is in your face. The older you get in age the less skeletal muscles you have. Babies have the most skeletal muscles in them. Most skeletal muscles attach to bones by tendons. Many skeletal muscles in your face are attached to your skin. The muscular system is almost half the weight of the human body. This is why when we work out we sometimes gain weight instead of losing weight. The muscles give the needs that make the body move. Muscles stretch across joints to connect one bone with another and work in groups to respond to nerve impulses. Muscle movements can be short, single movements or longer ones.

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