We Never Know How High We Are by Emily Dicksinson, Theme:...
We Never Know How High We Are by Emily Dicksinson
Theme: The fear of success holds people back.
Imagery: "Our statures touch the skies" (4) expresses the accomplishments that are possible.
Imagery: "cubits warp" (7) shows that people don't try to measure up to their potential and instead how they measure themselves.
Imagery: "The Heroism we recite" (5) illustrates that people value heroism although they may fear becoming heroes themselves.
alliteration: "never know how high" (1) reminds the readers that their potential is immeasurable.
"statures" and "skies" (4) display the limitless potential all people possess.
"for fear" (8) explains that the only thing holding people back is their fear.
rhyme: "rise" (2) and "skies"(4) reminds the readers of the height required to accomplish a goal. People can rise to great heights if they work at it.
rhyme: "normal thing" (6) and "king" (8) is an interesting comparison. The title of king is not an average, normal title for most individuals. However, Dickinson shows readers that everyone could be extraordinary.
Dickinson only uses two rhymes in this short poem. They have added emphasis because they are the only two.
I like the poem because of its message. If people could ignore the pressure and take the challenges set before them, they could achieve amazing things. The sky really could be the limit.
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