Sports-Information and Tips for Swimming and Diving
Try to kick small and fast to create white water.
Try rotating side to side and reach with your hand to grab the water.
After you pull your hands to your chest, you shoot your hands out.
Kicking is a very important part of your stroke.
Practice doing streamline off the walls to help you go farther. While doing streamline off the walls, you should do butterfly or fish kicks.
Focus on one thing each week. Whether you're winding down your season or gearing up for the next one, taking time to focus on your freestyle technique is vital to success in the water.
The less breaths you take, the faster you'll go.
Exellent tips for swimming!
Great tips for diving! You should focus on one tip each week! Want to plunge deeper into the sport of diving? From videos on the four basic diving positions and types of springboards to guides on scoring competitions and safety tips, this resource will answer all your diving questions.
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Tips for the Inward Dive Pike! Matt Scoggin, 3-time coach of the U.S. Olympic Diving Team, teaches the Inward Dive Pike. This fundamental dive is the basis for many of the spectacular dive...

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