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History of Han Dynasty www.youtube.com The Han Dynasty began in 206 BC when a man named Liu Bang, who had been born a peasant, led a group of generals to overthrow the Qin dynasty. This started a ...
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23.2 Warfare Han dynasty was good at the warfare. Their military strategy and advanced weapons helped them expand their empire to west into central Asia, south to present- day Vietnam. Also, to the east to present - day Korea. Han people used advanced weapons like long swords, crossbow, and kite to fight other empire. Those weapons all helped them expand their empire.
22.3 Government Han people made an improvements in Chinese government. The emperor had a different way of organizing the government than the Qin dynasty. They used a system called bureaucracy. The emperor separated the government officials into two levels. To become an official, young man needs to take a hard exam. It might take for days to finish them.
Introduction This chapter is about the Han dynasty. It lasted for over 400 years. Han dynasty changed the way of China was ruled. The Emperor used some Confucianism idea of ruling China.
23.4 Agriculture The farmers faced many problems. They were expected to grow enough food and feed their own families. They also have to build government's projects, without paying them. Most terrible thing is that a lot of time, the floods and drought destroyed the crops. There were three new inventions that helped the farmers. They were chain pump, skill in ironwork, and wheelbarrow. Farmers could carry more goods to the market on the wheelbarrow.
23.5 Industry Han government handled the two most important industries in China, silk and salt. For the ancient Chinese, making silk was hard and it took lot of time. Silk was very valuable for trading with people outside of China. Salt was also valuable for people in ancient times. They used salt to make meat and vegetables better. At first, salt was only from the sea. But, during the Han dynasty, people found salt underground. Because of the new discovery, people live away from the sea don't have to travel so far to get salt.
23.6 Art A major advance in art under the Han dynasty was making paper. Paper was made for calligraphy. Before the invention of paper, people used silk to write on. Even though, silk was easily to make into a boo, but it was really expensive. They also wrote on bamboo. Even though bamboo was cheaper than silk, but it was really awkward to use. Because of the invention of paper, it helped people to communicated. Also, paper was cheaper than silk and bamboo, so people could offer more. Last, paper was easier to make into a book.
23.7 Medicine Chinese people believed that people get sick when the forces of the yang and yin in the body were out of balance. There were four kinds of techniques for balance the opposite forces. First one is acupuncture. It means when people use needles to stick it inside people skin's in some specific positions. It helps curing the sickness. Also, Chinese discovered people can judge people's health by feeling the heartbeat or pulse.
23.8 Science Chinese scientists made some scientific advances. They discovered the moon shines because the sun reflects light to the moon. They also made seismograph and magnetic compass. Seismograph was used for investigating about earthquakes. Magnetic compass was used for direction, such as east and west.
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23.9 Conclusion This chapter talks about seven important improvements under Han dynasty. The important improvements they made, still affect the life today.