Cathedrals Of Middle Ages (BMS)
Image of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. This will explain the Gothic Architecture of Cathedrals. This cathedral was built between the 12th and 14th Century...200 years to build. Notre Dame de Paris is situated in the 4th arrondissement (administrative districts) of Paris, the capital city of France. Situated on the right bank of the Seine, it is known for its little streets, cafés and shops, but is regarded as expensive. It is desirable for those insisting on old buildings and multi-cultural exposure. It has a lot to offer like the Paris City Hall, the Renaissance square of Place des Vosges, the overtly modern Pompidou Centre, but most of all it offers the Notre Dame de Paris.
Flying Buttresses: Supported walls from the outside of the building. They are kinda like arms pushing the walls into the building. Inside the build are vaults that push outward. Therefore the two forces together keep the walls straight even after 800-900 years. flying buttress - Google Search
These are Stained Glass Windows: a true art form from the Middle Ages. These two round windows are called ROSE windows. They allow large amounts of light inside the Cathedral. When these were built the only light inside would be natural light or light from candles. They needed natural lights, but this light tells a story: to read that story copy this link: rose windows notre dame - Google Search
More Stain glass windows. Note the tall slender windows that each depict a story from the bible. Imagine the glow inside the cathedral. See link for more detailed examples What was the Gothic look hundreds of years ago? Explore Gothic style architecture and the ideas that transformed cathedrals in medieval Europe.
Two bell towers are central to "Most" but not all Cathedrals. They show you the "Face of the Cathedral". Therefore the front of the Cathedral is not showing in this image. This link shows the "front" To read about the bell tower, click this link: front of notre dame cathedral - Google Search
Panoramic view inside the Cathedral Accueil | Notre Dame de Paris
Gothic Vaults--see link: are very difficult to build. Try to build them at the link below, can you get higher then 9 blocks? gothic vaults - Google Search
Spires are points jetting into the sky. They raise above all other objects of the Cathedral. In a way, they point to heaven. To see the Cathedral, that I know of, with the most spires Spire - Wikipedia
Gargoyles and Sculptures are all over the Cathedral. The link above show many different gargoyles up close. Copy and paste this link to read (use diigo) more about Gargoyles gargoyles of middle ages - Google Search
To view a large list of Cathedrals by country click this link...Can you see gothic architecture in other Cathedrals?
From an arial view most Cathedrals are in the shape of a cross. See lots of examples. aerial views of cathedrals - Google Search
Inside Reims in France A look inside (in my opinion) one of the worlds grandest Cathedrals. The shear size of the place is just awe inspiring. With it's gothic statues on both the ...
Great Cathedrals of Europe Youtube Gothic architecture with music of Francis Poulenc: Gloria - Domine Deus

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