Art of Western Europe during Middle Ages (BMS)
Art of Western Europe during the Middle Ages: Original work from Cleveland Art Museum Berlinghiero (Italian, bef 1242), triptych (tabernacle); tempera and gold on poplar panel, Overall: 42.60 x 51.50 cm (16 3/4 x 20 1/4 inches); Center: 42.80 x 27.00 cm (16 13/16 x 10 5/8 inches); Left: 42.50 x 12.50 cm (16 11/16 x 4 7/8 inches); Right: 42.40 x 12.00 cm (16 11/16 x 4 11/16 inches). Gift of the John Huntington Art and Polytechnic Trust 1966.237
Note the Halo effect around the head. The Halo is used as a symbol of a religious leader/person. It is classic middle ages religious art and as realism comes into art during the late middle ages the halo effect will disappear from art. Have your diigo on Halo (religious iconography) - Wikipedia
Note Blood coming from the hands. This is a symbol to show you that this is Jesus Christ.
Note the lines here and on other sides. This is a tri-fold, made to be moved from place to place. It may have been in a private chapel. Maybe owned by a Noble or King.
Note small head and large body on baby Jesus. The link here explains change in body shape and size over time during the middle ages and its meaning. Medieval Art |
Based on this link: what form of art is this more closely related to: Byzantine Art or Medieval Gothic Art? Have your diigo on Go to this site providing information about the facts, history of the Middle Ages Art. Fast and accurate facts about the Middle Ages Art. Learn about the history of the Middle Ages Art.
Note the lack of realism in the flow of the clothing. Also note the cross...
Angels show the religious tone of the art work. This is a major part of middle ages art, as the church paid for all major art to be produced. Have your diigo on Medieval Art |
Can you see the bibles? These are religious men
<div>Most middle ages art is: </div><div>religious art</div><div>two dimensional (FLAT LOOKING)</div><div>no perspective (No depth) </div><div>narrow and solemn faces</div><div>no shadows</div><div>Sombre tones</div><div>Not Proportional </div><div><br></div><div>Can you see that in this artwork?</div>
Middle age music and many image of middle ages art. Can you see what we have learned in this clip. This anonymous medieval tune plays in the background as an assortment of tapestry's, paintings and mosaics scroll through. These images range from the fourth...

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