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twitter.com “Hanging out in the Trocadero, waiting for friends to come out of the arcades + losing an hour at a listening post #HMVmemories”
twitter.com “Sad to see HMV go. Digital downloads never replaced the experience of buying an actual CD, for me. #HMVmemories #HMV”
twitter.com “Caught shoplifting in HMV as a teen (well friend did, I was hauled in too). Taken to back room with all new releases. Heaven! #HMVmemories”
twitter.com “Hours and hours spent clicking through posters in various major city HMVs looking for the Dookie one... #hmvmemories”
twitter.com “#hmvmemories Went to Oxford st for 1st time in the 90s to buy CDs for Hemel library. Lots of Britpop & PJ Harvey's back catalogue #splurge”
twitter.com “#HMVmemories: Seeing my band's single in the racks. And seeing it still there a year on. It's probably there now. This might be all my fault”
twitter.com “when telling us our mid-week chart position are manager always said "but the hmv figures aren't in yet" #hmvmemories”
twitter.com “#HMVmemories spending £235 on laserdiscs. Big heavy pile of fun that was”
twitter.com “Nearly missing the Manics instore because we were having too much fun getting drunk in that pub up the alleyway down the side #HMVmemories”
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twitter.com “bought a Thompson Twins mega-mix on cassette #hmvmemories”
twitter.com “#HMVmemories Buying my first Oasis CD, Dig Out Your Soul summer '08 ahhh the memories”
twitter.com “We officially opened HMV Glasgow. Actually that was probably their big mistake. #HMVmemories”
twitter.com “Don't know what the little dog from #HMV was listening to on that gramophone, obviously not financial advice”
twitter.com “Fond memories of buying vinyl from #HMV for my student DJ gigs. Times have changed - I can't remember the last time I went in there!”
twitter.com “Gutted to hear about the demise of HMV. I've been buying my music there since I was 11, that's 16 years of custom! #HMV”
twitter.com “Soon there will only be one shop left in the entire UK, and it will probably be a small tesco-metro, with no parking. #hmv”
twitter.com “Time to keep more of an eye on businesses that don't pay tax to gain an unfair advantage? #HMV”
twitter.com “Long time since i was in #HMV, but I remember it well - one of the staff played this & blew my MIND. RIP. http://t.co/S8hpbSBM”
twitter.com “it's just so much more satisfying having an actual physical album than having it downloaded on your computer. #hmv”
twitter.com “#HMV closing? I've started a collaborative Google Map called Your Local Record Shop: http://t.co/GmUmlp5w Add your favourite record shops.”
twitter.com “re-upping on blank minidiscs and buying a One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest poster. #hmvmemories”
twitter.com “I think I've been to 19 HMV's. I used to travel for 90mins to buy one £16.99 new release CD in the Bournemouth HMV. #hmvmemories”
twitter.com “Going into hmv to buy a cd. Having a conversation with a punk. Discovering the Ramones #HMVmemories”
twitter.com “#hmvmemories Telling customers Mel C's solo album was sold out when it wasn't.”
twitter.com “My strongest #hmv memory from working there: the manager being relocated after calling a meeting with an employee to tell her he fancied her”
twitter.com “@laurenlaverne #HMVmemories Waxing 80% of my 1st year student loan in HMV Manchester in one session. #noregrets”
twitter.com “Being recommended Primal Scream: Screamadelica by shop staff at HMV when i was 10. Discovered music. #HMVmemories #saveHMV”
twitter.com “Spent many formative years in the listening booths of HMV Brighton and the late @RounderBrighton.”
twitter.com “HMV Oxford Street in pictures. I miss listening booths in record shops... http://t.co/XW0YOw2R”
twitter.com “So many wonderful teenage afternoons spent flirting in the Chester branch cos the pubs wouldn't let us in #Old”
twitter.com “Always thought I was too young to feel so old and bitter but yeah, pretty devastated by the fall of HMV”