US photo of an Iraqui sniper firing on US troups
Does this image break the "rule of thirds"? How to use the rule of thirds to get better composition in your photos
How does the hard light illuminate the room and objects? Hard Light vs Soft Light | photomatters
How do the converging lines interact with the "rule of thirds"? When framing a landscape shot one of the types of environmental features that many photographers look for and like to incorporate in their shots is converging lines. We’ve talked previously about how lines have the potential to add interest to an image – but multiple lines that converge together (or come close to one another) […]
What is the effect of the monochromatic color palette? I found a great domain name for sale. Check it out!
How is the point of view shaped?
What is the rhetorical purpose of this photograph? <p>No summary could be found for this post.</p>

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