Morning Wrap Up 28 November In periodic visits to Egypt since the revolution, I have been startled by the deteriorating public discourse and the manner in which various ideological camps ensconce themselves in bubbles, circulating the most lurid rumors about their opponents and treating them as fact. Until recently, the main effects of this unfortunate tendency were shrill rhetoric and bad manners. But it has brought the political system to the brink of a serious crisis. A group of Egyptian filmmakers is making an effort to explain the roots of the current crisis by posting a series of interviews with demonstrators on YouTube.
Interview with former leftist presidential candidate Khaled Ali Help us caption and translate this video on خالد علي مرشح الأنتخابات الرئاسية الأخيرة يطرح وجهة نظرة القانونية وال... A blog about Egypt and the Middle East as well as Egyptian affairs including politics and history
Interview with a protester in Tahrir - with subtitles أحمد حسن يتحدث عن الفوضى الدستورية الحالية وأسباب اعتراضه على الإعلان الدستوري الجديد اللي صدر من الرئيس محمد مرسي.يشرح أحمد حسن أن المظاهرات لم تعد فقط لإسق... The Muslim Brotherhood called on the Armed Forces to secure its headquarters in Moqattam, and the Muslim Brotherhood formed committees along with Salafi youth to protect headquarters in governorates from attacks, a member said Tuesday. Brotherhood Shura Council member Sayed al-Nozaily said the Guidance Bureau told Brotherhood youth to secure the headquarters nationwide, and Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie asked that the Armed Forces protect the Moqattam headquarters from attacks. TwitLonger is the easy way to post more than 140 characters to Twitter Imgur Imgur In an interview with Mahmoud Ramzi, former Egyptian prime minister and presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq states that President Mohammed Morsi's recent decree "consolidates a totalitarian ideology." Why did the Western media report today that Morsi has compromised his position? As far as I can see the MB has softened its language (with vague promises of "national dialoge") but not its position. See Ikwhanweb 's increasingly bitter Twitter feed: " no turning back,decree is stay Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi turned Egyptian politics on its head on Thanksgiving eve with his now familiar style of governance: a unilateral, surprise decree, the… “Hats off to the brave women of Egypt via @DailyNewsEgypt” More than 100,000 gather to protest against a decree issued by President Morsi granting sweeping constitutional powers
Clashes continue in Simon Bolivar Square, behind the Omar Makram mosque. Clashes started on the first day of the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud and have nothing to do with Morsi's decree. Rather, protesters are demanding fair trials of those responsible of murder and are targeting the Ministry of Interior. Help us caption and translate this video on ٩ صباحًا يوم ٢٨ نوفمبر ٢٠١٢ مقابل جامع عمر مكرم قوات الأمن المركزي تتج...
Song of the Day Algerian rocker Rachid Taha covers the Clash's classic "Rock the Casbah" Senior member of EU Parliament says Europe could cut annual aid to Egypt if President Morsi insists on implementing controversial constitutional decree

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