Defining Digital Writing
Adding voice to a digital composition opens up new means of expression -- pitch, nuance, inflection -- all add to the meaning of a piece of writing. Vocaroo | Voice message
The use of the Web as a tool for writing opens up great possibilities for collaboration. The distance between writers is narrowed. Geography is not a hurdle. Collaboration possibilities have never been stronger. This website is for sale! is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for!
The interactive element makes for an interesting process for the writer with digital tools. They must create opportunities for the reader to interact with the text, and allow the reader to have some agency with the composition. The use of interactive options expands the possibilities of writing, but it can also lead to unfocused work. The start of an experimental story
If there is one powerful element that technology brings to writing, it is the expansion of audience. The world is suddenly a potential reader/viewer/listener of digital work, and how you compose for that environment can be thrilling and/or unsettling.
I love that stories are still at the heart of digital writing. We need to engage our audience with a message, and when that message is encircled with a powerful story, we draw in readers. In some ways, the emergence of digital writing has reinforced the power of "story." iPad storyteller Joe Sabia introduces us to Lothar Meggendorfer, who created a bold technology for storytelling: the pop-up book. Sabia shows how new technology has always helped us tell our own stories, from the walls of caves to his own onstage iPad.
Ahhh, Short form writing. There is a certain magic in being able to compose a piece within limitations. Critics point out that short form writing is a sign (or a cause) of our collective lapse of attention. I'm not so sure. I'd argue that a balance between long form and short writing serves the writer and the reader well. The whole bird thing: bird chirps sound meaningless to us, but meaning is applied by ...
Defining what a text is ... is now difficult. Is video text? How about audio? What happens when we embed hyperlinks into text, and extend the meaning out from there? There are many questions and many possibilities, and it is clear that our perceptions of text is changing with technology. As educators, we can’t ignore the fact that our students are “reading” more and more varied texts these days, and yet, if you are like me, much of what we “read” in ou…
Hyperlinks are some of the more powerful elements of the architecture of the Internet. By allowing connections between ideas, we open up paths for associative thinking. a poem for Digital Writing Month 2012
Multimedia composition is an entirely new way of looking at expression, and it comes down to choices: what venue best suits my needs for getting my point across? While writing remains at the heart of digital writing, the tools for how we create something original is expanding with multimedia. This video offers a brief introduction to what it means to compose multimodally.
Rhetorical stance, and use of media to persuade, are crucial elements of technology as a tool for writing. Writing has never been neutral, and that is truer now more than ever with digital tools. We choose images to toy with emotions, add music that complements the message of the video, and use links to associate our text to others. All of this needs to be done with intent of the writer. visual rhetoric – Teaching Writing in a Digital Age
To me, digital writing is about doing something new and different that hasn't been done before in other formats. It isn't constrained by form or time or materials. The possibilities are truly endless.

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