A Map of Brighton
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I always walk home this way. New Year. Paper lanterns and cava. Midsummer. BBQs. Smoke like funeral pyres on the Ganges.
Noise in the morning.
I walk this road to get away from the crowds.
Look up. The buildings have grand 30s architecture.
There use to be a meat market here before the old streets were pulled down.
I kissed someone here. We took photos. I guess he didn't show his wife.
Lost people.
Not the best curry place in town.
Marlborough House is beautiful but run down. Something should be done.
Viennese waltz on my 30th birthday.
The theatre is haunted. I never saw the ghost.
The French invaded once and set the town on fire.
Hen nights with cold white legs.
There's a bar here that changed it's name. My heart got broke here. Big time. Again.
Someone left me here. We never spoke again.
My studio is here. We drink coffee and don't work.
Near midnight. A man punches a woman in the face. He says he loves her. I call the police.
They found a body in a trunk here. They called her pretty feet. She had no head.
Clock tower. Built 1888.
St Nicholas Church. Part of the old town graveyard. Dogs. Syringes.
Fabrica is cold. There are cool exhibitions though.
Museum. Egyptian mummies and Dali lips. I saw an exhibition made of blood.
Library. I like the books and the eco air.
The fishermen used to dry their nets on the Steine.
My mum wants to get a tattoo round here.
OK - I know the 's' is wrong.
The church is creepy.
I have no idea what's here. That's why it's blank. It's a total mystery.
Go here. Check it out. Let me know.
The Doughnut. What is this for?
Mods and rockers fighting under the pier in the 1960s.
All night cafe near here.
Spiritualist church here. Why are there so many in Brighton.
Zeppelins flew over Brighton in the 1914-18 war.
This whole place used to be the slums. Police always patrolled in pairs.
Bombs fell on Brighton in WWII.
Once known as the Bond St of Brighton.
Find the Art Deco Ballroom. It used to be a mausoleum.
St James' St had Brighton's first gay coffee shop.
There used to be fields. Smell cows. Hear skylarks.
Kemptown mainly grew up in the 1820's and 1860's.
Sealife Centre. Dark Cavernous halls. Watery tiles. Sea horses, Turtles. There used to be sealions.
Volks Electric Railway. Sit here and enjoy the pebbles.
This way to the nudist beach. Vintage nudists. Vintage car rallies.
Japanese tourists are always taking photos here.
See the starlings perform when the sun goes down.
I should go exploring more.
Random triangle.
University buidings.
A friend of mine goes on walks round here. Aimless.
Maybe something interesting is here.
Brighton had a large Flemish population.
Town Hall. There was an old Medieval Priory here.
Find the Japanese Teahouse for the best conveyor belt sushi.
Charles I stayed in the Ship Hotel before he sailed to France.
Synagogue. There's a large Jewish community.
Fish and Chips. Oi Oi. Kiss me quick.
Giant traffic cones.
99p store for all your daily needs.
Bellinis. Kir Royale. Mojitos. Two for one. Brazilian men.
I'm coming to work. A woman shits in the street. She's an addict.
Rockerbilly Trailertrash. We dance into Saturday morning.
Cobbled street and snow.
The Zombie walk starts here.
Dark, silent, beautiful. Red sunrise in the windows. 4am.
Brighton and Hove City College.
Old arches to store fishermens' boats.
Winter blizzard. Snow men. Snow women. Snow dogs. Snow FIGHT.
Chinese New Year. Light show lasers from the old pier. We stand and smile.
Cinema. Some good films. Some cheesy.
In the 1800s there was 1 inn for every 300 people. I guess nothing much changes.
The beach was mined and guarded with barbed wire in the 1940's. 198 dead in WWII.
People escaped to the hills when the French invaded.
Under the rail arches people fix bikes and there's a music studio. Knock on the Green Door.
People wear suits around here. I'm not sure what they do. It looks important.
The station opened in the1840s.
Where does the extra platform go? I want to know.
Kamikaze bus driver down this hill.
Take Away Chinese food and kebabs for late night pub crawls.
Steep hill.
New media, new media. What?! No Mac?!
Pretend it's a boulevard. No, really..... There's always fighting on London Road...
St Bartholemews Church. Same dimensions as Noah's Ark, someone told me.
This way to the cinema. Cool art house films. Roof top bar.
Good pie shop near here.
Festival fireworks here. Frisbee. Circus. Skateboard park. Fairground. Dogs.
Where are YOU going?
Mind the gap etc.
To the most beautiful rail journey. Green fields. Hedgerows. Time stood still.
Amazing crumbling viaduct this way.
Butterflies. Foxes.
Always bicycles on balconies.
Listen to the station announcements.
Bus stops.
Look up. Look up.
Skateboarding dog.
Concrete. It's a place. We walked together here. I was happy on this concrete. I miss you.
Disclaimer. Maybe I got it wrong...
Shops. They are all the same.
Cool bar near here. We get in because we know someone.
Cross if you dare.
We used to have lunch here.
My heart got broke here.
Grafitti murals.
Big Issue man with wig.
There are no gardens here. Or springs.
What is this bit for?
I drink beer. A band is playing. We don't talk much.
Cheap booze. Lairy crowds.
The Friends' Meeting House. Old Quaker building with old Quaker record safe. I stayed the night here once just drawing.
Lomo. Goths. Pens. Beads. Rice. Bikes. Cakes.
Burning of the Clocks. Winter Solstice.
Yummy mummies.
Soho Pizza is the best. Oh and garlic bread and olives.

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