A lot of people are using mobile devices nowadays. 15 - 45% according to this huge post with stats www.emailmonday.com The ultimate mobile email statistics overview
Check this video on subjectlines Using a 4 question checklist to drill down on subjectline facts from research to maximize the force of a subjectline. He takes the audiences questions in a live optimization. www.emailaudience.com How to write subject lines that double your clickthrough rate? In this very interesting Web clinic replay, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin analyzes the winning subje
The best time to send is.... when people are ready to buy. www.emailmonday.com "When is the best time to send your email newsletter?", that question has been keeping people busy. And it is totally understandable, because timing does affect conversions and after crafting your email, you do have to schedule it. Let's look at the best time to send from a different angle. What if the best time to
Even better: try what Brian Eisenberg did and opt your complete list out. Dramatic? Yes. Effective? Read on... www.emailmonday.com Bryan Eisenberg was one of keynote speakers at the Fusion Marketing Experience. The event had a very impressive line-up with experts from all parts of digital marketing. Bryan shared his e-mail marketing tips: With a presentation on the second day about about one of his favorite topics “Always be testing” (also the name
Here is a great start. A list of 300+ email service providers. www.emailvendorselection.com A complete list of email service provider tools. Great use when searching for an ESP or doing an email marketing company selection.
Thanks for this great infographic www.graficmail.com
some great tips from Bronto to grow your list organically bronto.com Industry trends, platform updates, and news for commerce marketers
And then test some more, or you could end up being on the EMAILFAIL website! emailfail.posterous.com Good night, Posterous
People don't like Spam, check this infographic about customer perspective on spamming www.emailmonday.com Infographic: What do people think of SPAM? | Email marketing consultant | Emailmonday -
Get to know your customers better, so they wont feel like E.T., just landing on a strange planet. blog.indiemark.com The world was captivated by the 80’s hit ET; the story of a boy who forms a symbiotic relationship with a visitor from another world. Sound familiar? As marketers, how can we capture some of that m…
Check the complete article an original Infographic at emailaudience. www.emailaudience.com Email marketing puts the ability to connect with potential and existing customers at the touch of a button.Despite this simplicity, however, deciding how t