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Click here for the ABCnews article featuring this quote Redirecting
Click to visit the website of a documentary made specifically about this issue, "The Experiment"
The Hoover Institution is a pro-free market think tank associated with Stanford University. Milton Friedman - the father of educational privatization - was also a Hoover fellow. Hoover Institution
These firings were illegal, according to a finding by a civil district court judge. Tenured teachers were not provided a hearing - due process - and thus the layoffs violated the law, according to the 2012 ruling. Ethel S. Julien, a District Court judge, ruled that the Recovery School District rendered the Orleans Parish School Board unable to fulfill its contractual obligations.
For more on this, read this PDF from New Schools for New Orleans
For more on this speech of Obama's, click here. NEW ORLEANS — The president also defended his response to the BP oil spill in a speech marking Hurricane Katrina.

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