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HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE 1 Hover Your Mouse to Discover Videos, Blog Posts and Slide Presentations. 2. Share this guide with colleagues on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and email by clicking on the SHARE IMAGE icon above left (under the 4 dots). Suggestions? Write Neil@ThingLink.com
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to the wonderful teachers and librarians who contributed resources to this collection.
Teach: Using ThingLInk and Google Sites www.idiscoveriteach.com
ESSENTIAL: Examples of @AuntyTech brought to life with ThingLink. auntytechideas.tumblr.com
Images are Not Illustrations: They Are ILMs, by Allan Carrington, University of Adelaide www.unity.net.au
Connect and Tweet Your Images with #ThingLink twitter.com
Discovery Education (NY) - Make Your Images Interactive by @atypical3rd blog.discoveryeducation.com
ESSENTIAL: ThingLink in the Classroom by @soxnevad d97cooltools.blogspot.fi
Parts of the Neuron Explained with ThingLInk by @mbritt www.thepsychfiles.com
“Thinglink” Could Be A Great Tool For ELL’s by @LarryFerlazzo larryferlazzo.edublogs.org
ESSENTIAL: SlideShare - ThingLink Rich Media Tags www.slideshare.net
"Learning is all about the students. Teachers need to move along a Continuum of Shift. They need to move from content-centred teaching to activity-centred and from teacher-centred to student-centred. 21st century teaching is about interactivity and student engagement." -Allan Carrington University of Adelaide “Everywhere that I have shown it to teachers, it has been very well received.” ~Richard M. Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers
Make Interactive Images on ThingLink by @rmbyrne www.freetech4teachers.com
ESSENTIAL: CLICK the IMAGE: ThingLink Interactive MindMap by @IPhilVeryGood www.thinglink.com
32+ Ways to Use ThingLink in the Classroom by @auntytech docs.google.com
5+ Ways to Use ThingLink for Teaching and Learning gettingsmart.com