Cello Senior Project
When holding the cello, knee rests here. Also, on the inside of the cello, these little edges are filled in with blocks of wood for stability.
These f-shaped holes in the sides of the cello are both for decoration and serve a purpose. They amplify the sound and help air flow between the air and the inside of the cello. Through this particular side, you can see the bass bar.
A dampit would be put here, in the bad weather acts like a humidifier, when outside of the cello looks like a green tube. static.musiciansfriend.com
This is the nut of the cello, acting like a miniature bridge, it holds up the strings.
This is the nut of the cello, acting like a miniature bridge, it holds up the strings.
Scroll of the cello.
The bass bar, seen through this hole, helps the cello's sound to be more full. Without it, the instrument would have a hollow sound.
This is the fingerboard. The fingerboard is ebony, a strong, naturally dark wood which is becoming endangered. This part of the cello has to be very strong to stand up under the constant tread of cellist's fingers.
This is the bridge. It holds up the strings from the fingerboard and is held in place not by glue, but by the tension of said strings. www.sulponticello.org
These are the fine-tuners. They adjust the tuning in a smaller amount than the pegs.
These are the pegs and pegbox. The pegs are for major tuning. One would need to put a large amount of pressure on it and twist.
A wolf eliminator would be located here, which removes husky, odd sounds from the upper region of the string.
This is the endpin. Since cellists sit down to play, there needs to be something lifting the cello up off the ground to reach them. There is an accompanying rubber tip most of the time, to protect the sharp end. There is a screw at the base that loosens/tightens to make endpin longer/shorter.
This is purfling. Purfling is mostly for decoration, but it has a usefulness in preventing cracks. It is usually made up of three inlaid layers of wood. www.doranviolins.com

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