The Phantom Tollbooth map
1 - Milo sees the sign that says "Welcome to Expectations."
Milo meets the Whether man and then becomes very confused by him and goes off along the road
Milo wants to go left at the fork in the road, but ended up going right because he was daydreaming. The place becomes more and more dreary. He then meets the Lethargians.
milo meets the watchdog, tock.
Millo gose back to Dictionopols with the watch dog and starts to think about things to make the car move. (Aidan Collins)
Milo and Tock are on their way to Dictionopilis Tock tells his story to Milo
Milo and Tock are in the Word Market With 5 thin men who are speaking synonims it is where you buy words
Milo is in the Marketplace where he is getting weird words that he has no clue what they mean.
Milo is at a make you own word cart and is tasting letters and meets the spelling bee.
The Humbug meets Milo.
The Hummbug got into a fight with the spelling bee
The police officer is yelling guilty at them. The police is fat and short. He starts to yell at tok that he is not allowed to have a dog with a alarm clock. He gets a short sentince. He gets put in jail. Oh ow
Milo and Tock are at the royal palace for a royal banquet.
Tock and Milo have some desert at the royal banquete.
Milo and tock go to the banquete with the king then set off to free the princesses
where Milo, Tock and humbug meet alec bings, who see's through things
Milo and Tock go to the Giant's House.
Alec shows Milo to the city of Illusions.(Matthew)
Alec shows Milo to the city of Illusions.(Matthew)
Milo, Tock, and the Humbug come to a carnival wagon that said: Kakofonus A. Dischord, Doctor of Dissonance.
Milo, Tock, and Humbug meet the Awful Dynne, The Doctor of Disonance's assistant.
There is no sound of the winds or anything. (Aidan)
Milo is touring the sound vault with the Sound keeper.
Milo is lisning to the sound keeper and see has a bag of sounds.
Milo sees an island it is pretty but it really isn't.
Milo, Tock, and the Humbug Jumped to the Island of conclusion.
Milo,Tock and the Humbug just swam back from Conclusions.
This is where the sign telling inches half inches feet yards rods and miles and were they meet the Dodecahedron.
Milo went up the stairs above the mine by digitopolis and meets the guy who is only 1 over two.
Milo, Tock, and the Humbug saw the mountains of Ignorance.
Milo, Tock, and the Humbug meet a weird bird in the Mountains of Ignorance
Milo, Tock, and the Humbug run into the Gelatinous Giant.
Milo, Tock, The Humbug, Rhyme, Reason, King Azaz, and The Mathemagician were some of them would have to leave.

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