Teacher Facilitated Learning Experiences
Use Screencast Video Tutorials - Learn more in an earlier blog post d97cooltools.blogspot.com
This model supports collaborative group work among peers, working in the same learning space or with others across the world, virtually. Collaboration is a 21st Century Skill that promotes problem-solving, listening, sharing of knowledge and building consensus. Individual students use their strengths to contribute in order to accomplish a common goal and often negotiate to assume shared responsibility for collaborative work. Collaboration with experts should be considered when appropriate. www2.gsu.edu
Teachers shift from being the person who covers content to helping students uncover knowledge principalposts.edublogs.org
A comic from the Innovative Educator Blog theinnovativeeducator.blogspot.com
Try a Google Docs Quiz as an Exit Ticket d97cooltools.blogspot.com
Guided the Learning with a Digital Playlist d97cooltools.blogspot.com
Read Article on "What Ed Said" blog whatedsaid.wordpress.com
Create an online bulletin board for collecting feedback. Try Wallwisher wallwisher.com
Create a digital bulletin board to collect feedback from students. Try Linoit linoit.com
Use The Blooming Orange combined with Standards to design learning experiences d97cooltools.blogspot.com
Use a wiki or alternate multimedia learning platform to extend the walls of the classroom, 24/7 d97cooltools.blogspot.com
Maximize Instructional Time bit.ly
Article: 5 Instructional Shifts to Promote Deep Learning, on GettingSmart.com gettingsmart.com

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