<div>This is the first window that appears, and it's shelves are full of small figures, about the size of a baby carrot.</div>
<div>This section of minifigure paints is about to be expanded to include more than just this basic palate. Turn around to find the figures to paint!</div>
<div>Minifigures here are waiting, ready to be painted. Turn around to find the paints.</div>
<div>A rotating stand of comics blocks customers from going upstairs into the space where Laura lives.</div>
<div>At the very top of this shelf stand the largest figurines in the store, about the size of your torso.</div>
<div>This shelf of graphic novels stands between the window (on the left) and the doorway (on the right) to the game room. Located somewhere on the floor is one of the buttons that used to call servants.</div>
<div>This fireplace is the centerpiece of the store, drawing attention to the products sitting on the mantle.</div>
<div>These are some of Albert's favorite comics, and it is only fitting that they are displayed right up front where he spends quite a bit of time working and where everyone can see them.</div>
<div>Harley Quinn</div><div>He-Man</div><div>Justice League</div><div>Nightwing</div>
<div>Daredevil</div><div>Deadpool</div><div>Deathstroke</div><div>Doctor Strange</div><div>Detective Comics</div><div>Flash</div><div>Guardians of the Galaxy</div><div>Green Lantern</div>
<div>Action Comics</div><div>All-new Wolverine</div><div>All-new X-Men</div><div>Amazing Spiderman</div><div>Aquaman</div><div>Avengers</div><div>Batman</div><div>Captain America</div><div>Cable</div>
<div>Miscellaneous Marvel, DC, and more</div>
<div>Wonder Woman</div><div>X-Men</div>
<div>Punisher</div><div>Savage Dragon</div><div>Star Wars</div><div>Star Trek</div><div>Spiderman</div><div>Spawn</div><div>Suicide Squad</div><div>TMNT</div><div>Teen Titans</div><div>Superman</div><div>Transformers</div><div>Walking Dead</div><div>Venom</div>

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