So why should we use Social Network Marketing ?
<div>Why do you think TV advertising is so effective? It’s pretty easy to see why. The companies that run their ads are setting up a relationship with you by telling you about their product and services etc. In their advertisements you do not see any prices or telling you to go out and buy our products (it is implied but not in your face). Just think about when you go to the grocery store or to the hardware store, what products do you reach for? The first impulse is to reach for that brand name item because you have seen it advertised over and over again, so it must be good. Is it a little bit of Hype? Yes but it is not blatant lies about their product. You may not buy the product or service or <a href="">buy android app reviews</a> but you definitely thought about it and that’s exactly what the companies want. They want to put their products in front of your eye balls and at least have a shot to gaining you as a customer. Sound familiar to how we build relationships using our blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.</div> Login - ThingLink
<div>Become an active part of all the social sites that are available and avoid the many many mistakes that most Network Marketers are making by wasting time and money by purchasing leads, safe-lists, etc. You will soon learn that it is more beneficial building a long lasting relationships than clicking banners for points.</div> Login - ThingLink
<div>We all know that we need more people to talk to in order to be successful in any business we are doing, on or off the web. But too many of us are trying desperate things just to find those people. We are using safe lists, banner exchanges, buying leads, etc. Don’t get me wrong these types of marketing do work but they have there specific use and reasons for using them. These types of marketing do work but on a limited scale but at least they do work, if you have all the time to post and repost on all these sites.</div>
<div>The key to successful marketing is Relationship Building and not in your face Advertising or Hype, which seems to have been the marketing strategy for the past 5 years. I have to break it to you, that type of marketing does not work anymore and it is on it’s way out. Yes you will get a few interested parties but more than likely they will not be the prospects you are really looking for. Relationship Building is and will be the next Standard of Marketing for many many years to come.</div> Login - ThingLink
<div>The exact same scenario holds true to Social Media Marketing. Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg and Blogging Sites are already very, very popular because they are allowing us to set up relationships with each other, which in turn enables us to put our content, products or services in front of all those millions of eye balls that are on the various social sites. There are millions of people gathered on these sites and talking every single day! If you are reading this post more than likely you have an account or two with all the above sites I just mentioned. The quickest way to set up a nice relationship is give your followers great information they can use in their business or in their personal life. Give them Hype on in your face marketing and you will immediately see your followers and members drop off like crazy.</div> Login - ThingLink

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