Winter crafts by the C.A.T.S
<div><b>3rd group( 11th Kindergarten Geraka-Attiki, 8th Kindergarten Florina/2nd class, 10th Kindergarten Neapoli Thessaloniki Greece)</b></div>
<div>Our collaborative drawing-</div><div>January-<a href=";__tn__=%2CdK-R-R-R&amp;eid=ARD5QEzwEbYEtl1jtuP5QMcPUVNX1oy81BgWmokYrLW5TOR_4JUSQylCPXhMEBpl_6o-ikURyNmoqFk1&amp;dti=474643643026413&amp;hc_location=group">Winter</a>-1st group</div><div>Alfeiousa Kindergarten Pyrgos Ilias Greece-1st Kindergarten Prosotsani Greece-8o Kindergarten Florina/4th class</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
<div>Our collaborative drawing - January/winter -5th group</div><div>IC. Marconi-S. Sassetti Rieti Italy, 1st kindergarten Korinos Greece, 56th kindergarten Thessaloniki Greece</div>
<div>Collaborative drawing 2nd group (5th Aglantzia Pre - Primary School, Nicosia - Cyprus, 11 Kindergarten Geraka Athens, Vevi Kindergarten - Florina - Greece)</div>
<div><i>We painted a winter landscape for the children of the 3rd Primary School of Pyrgos and the children from Spain. We are the 5th group and we enjoyed it very much.</i></div>

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