Mike Matusow
<div>Mike "The Mouth" Matusow has earned his nickname tenfold. If you ever get a chance to sit at a table with him, you will realize within ten minutes why he is called "The Mouth". The first time I ever sat with Mike was at the$5000 Omaha event at the 2004 World Series of Poker. One would think that a $5000 buy-in tournament would be enough action for a player, but not for Mike. He spent the first hour and a half of the tournament, booking side action bets from anybody in the room he could. I needed some earplugs.</div><div><br></div><div>If you haven't had the pleasure (or pain) of sitting with him, then you have probably heard him jabbering on television. The televised episodes of the main event of the WSOP focus on Mike a lot. He went to battle several times with Greg Raymer in 2004 and didn't fair well against him. He talked some trash to Greg and when he tried to shake Greg's hand a short time later, Greg refused. One of the things I remember most from that year was Mike's interview. He talked about his life and how he has changed. Supposedly he lived a fast life and had recently put it behind him. I was touched by his interview and felt bad when he was eliminated (after a few tough beats). After the World Series aired, Mike was sentenced to six months in jail for a previous arrest for buying drugs for an undercover cop.</div><div><br></div><div>Matusow also appears to be highly emotional. He cried when busting out in 2004 and sometimes during tournaments he has a "Matusow Meltdown." A meltdown is when he plays great in <a href="https://playcasinocanada.com/keno/">keno</a> at the beginning of the tournament and then blows it in one hand or a short span for one reason or another. In the 2005 WSOP, it appeared that Mike was on the verge of having one. He was accused of throwing cards by a dealer. When the tournament director was called to make his decision, Mike defended himself and the other players at the table agreed with him. </div>

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