<div>It is important to make sure you lock your doors, even if only leaving for 5 minutes.</div> www.youtube.com It is important to make sure you lock your doors, even if only leaving for 5 minutes.
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Trellising adds an extra layer of security to fences. Adding plants through the trellising makes it even more difficult for burglars to climb on as they cannot see what is underneath.</span></div> youtu.be
<div>Keeping your garden maintained and regulated will help deter burglars. Lock away garden furniture in a shed and property mark your belongings.</div> youtu.be
<div>Statistically, alarms have a detrimental impact on crime. Consider investing in a secure alarm system and security lights for the front of your property to help deter would be burglars.</div> youtu.be
<div>Open windows provide burglars with an extra route into your house. Keep windows locked when you leave and keep the keys out of sight.</div>
<div>Christmas is a time of giving to loved ones - don't give a burglar the opportunity to steal your gifts. Keep your Christmas presents safe and out of sight from burglars.</div>
<div>Look out for your neighbours if you know they are away by bringing in their bins or bringing in post delivered for them.</div>
<div>Don't publicise this year's Christmas gifts to burglars! Keep packaging hidden and away to prevent burglars from knowing what to look for...</div>
<div>Invest in a quality, secure lock to prevent burglars from getting through your garden gates or shed doors</div>
<div>Keep outbuildings and sheds secure by using a lock on the doors. Lock away garden furniture and power tools to keep them safe and out of sight.</div>
<div>Remember to cancel deliveries if you are going away or ask a neighbour to bring them inside for you. Don't leave your parcels on display to burglars!</div>

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