<div>Senior Eliesha Perez shows her school spirit at the homecoming parade Oct. 22 in Downtown Wylie. Photo by Rylea Thedford</div> s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
<div>Sophomore Ben Rodriguez lifts Freshman Arianna Perez in the air as the band plays the closure. The Royals performed the last part of the 2018 show "Conquered" at the homecoming pep rally Oct. 26. Photo by Casi Thedford</div>
<div>Dancing her heart out, Junior Addie Orr performs at the homecoming pep rally Oct. 26. Photo by Everett Vasquez </div>
<div>Sophomore Sammy Harris asks and sophomore Samantha Burkhart to the homecoming dance Oct. 27. Every year students scramble to find an elaborate and creative way to ask someone to the homecoming dance. Photo by Maddie Smith</div>
<div>Senior Lauren Young shows off her mum Friday Oct. 26. As a senior, Young shows off her all sliver and white mum participating in the Texas tradition. Photo by Rylea Thedford</div>
<div>The homecoming dance was game-themed and had something for everyone to participate in, including games and picture booths. Photo by Rylea Thedford</div>