Bee Life Cycle
Inside the hive
Bees live in colonies (groups) that contain the queen bee, the worker bees and the drones. The queen bee is the mum of the hive and lays eggs, worker bees look after the hive and collect nectar to make honey. Drones are the dads of the hive.
Female bees create tiny cells for their eggs using the bee wax they make. They are hexagon shaped so that they all fit together without wasting space (tessellate).
When a honey bee finds flowers it does a special dance to show other bees where to find it.
Bees are very important. They carry pollen from flower to flower which helps more plants to grow. This is called pollination and without it our flowers and plants would not grow.
Do bees sleep, if yes where? My Interactive Video
Why do bees sting? My Interactive Video
What do bees eat? My Interactive Video
How far can bees fly? My Interactive Video
Does all honey taste the same? My Interactive Video
Why are bees the colour they are? My Interactive Video
Why is honey sticky? My Interactive Video
How do bees make wax? My Interactive Video
Why do bees make their cells in a hexagon shape? My Interactive Video
What do you now know about bees?
What do you think about the taste of honey?
Can you make a home fit for bees? What will you use?
What equipment do you need to be a bee keeper?
Next steps: Magnification Charges, bees + flowers - Classification of animals Dead or alive?

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