<div>This monk and Jana Bala Sena supporter in a rousing speech talks about the many development projects initiated by the previous Government, which the current Government has destroyed. He also harkens back to the war - "when President Mahinda was in Government those days, the whole country was on fire. It was like a raw grave. People lived in fear, suspicion and pain. We built that country. He gave leadership to make it so that Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim people can live free without fear, suspicion and pain, independently, without being slaves."</div>
<div>"We have to save this country" another Jana Bala Sena supporter says. Interestingly he too says there is no talk of division between Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. </div>
<div>Copies of the newsletter "සැබෑ/Se Be" were given out at the rally</div>
<div>Many of the participants were wearing tshirts and headbands in support of the rally, organised by the Joint Opposition.</div>