<div>Our group's original idea was to include the syringe on the side and include a base with the garbage truck</div>
<div>The changes we made to the garbage truck is that instead of having a pre built head of the truck we made on out of scraps. Also to use less resources we included the syringe on the garbage truck and did not use a base. </div>
<div>What our group would have changed for the garbage truck is probably adding another syringe system. This syringe system would basically be there to push the bus and move it. This would give the truck a sense of movement. Also our group would have changed the red plastic to and actually hinge so the garbage truck can even go further and have no movement prohibited.</div>
<div>Cut the 1 piece of basswood in half </div><div>Put these 2 halfs parallel from each other</div><div>Make sure the basswood halfs are 20 cm apart from each other</div><div>Next what you need to do is create the base of the garbage truck</div><div>On the parallel basswood pieces cover the area in popsicle sticks</div><div>Leave a little hole in the middle of the base so that you can fit a syringe through</div><div>Then underneath this newly formed base glue some basswood cut basswood pieces to reinforce the base</div><div>After that start creating a garbage basket out of popsicle sticks After making the basket glue the basket to one of the plungers of the syringe</div><div>Then put the plunger in the little space in the base of the truck</div><div>Fill the extra syringe with water</div><div>Then attach the tube to both syringes to create the closed syringe system</div><div>Proceed to sand the dowels to the point they can go through the wheels</div><div>After this cut 6 pieces of bass wood to use to attach the axles and truck</div>
<div>Our machine met the criteria. Our machine could lift 200 grams 5cm vertically without having and wobbling issues or structural malfunction.</div>
<div>Some difficulties we faced when building the machine was probably the glueing part. This was difficult because of the fact the syringe would not stick on. So we had to deal with this by putting the popsicle stick on an angle where it would not move from its place and could still push the loader up and down. Another thing that was hard to deal with was the hinge since we did not have enough materials. How we dealt with this was by using a red piece of plastic.</div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">Trucky The Hydraulic Truck</span></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div> youtu.be
20 ml of waterBlue dye20 ml syringe30ml syringe 2 pieces of basswood 2 pieces of dowel1 piece of sandpaper1 green plastic 1 black plastic1 red plastic1 yellow plastic4 wheels 1 tube piece 4 tube cuts60 popsicle sticks<br>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">3D design 13-JaylenG Hydraulic Garbage truck</span></div><div><br></div><div>3D design '13-JaylenG Hydraulic Garbage truck' created by JaylenG with Tinkercad.</div><div><br></div> www.tinkercad.com 3D design '13-JaylenG Hydraulic Garbage truck' created by JaylenG with Tinkercad.