<div>Procedure for the machine:</div><div>Step 1) Cut out the outline outline cardboard </div><div>Step 2) Get the pvp pipes and cut it according to measurement </div><div>Step 3) Glue the pipes with cardboard</div><div>Step 4) Glue the outer pipe </div><div>Step 5) Glue the rectangle cardboard to outer pipe </div><div>Step 6) Measure popsicle sticks </div><div>Step 7) Drill hole in sticks</div><div>Step 8) Connect sticks to toothpick </div><div>Step 9) Connect sticks and make zigzag</div><div>Step 10) Cut out excess toothpick</div><div>Step 11) Take sysing with rubber piston</div><div>Step 12) Drill a hole in the piston</div><div>Step 13) Attach claw to piston with connector steitos </div><div>Step 14) Connect the claw to the box</div>
<div>Materials used in the machine:</div><div>Over 200cm square of corrugated plastic</div><div>Exacto Knife</div><div>Hot glue gun</div><div>3 pvc pipes </div><div>Popsicle sticks Toothpicks</div><div>8 10ml syringes </div><div>Plastic ties</div><div>Metal hangers</div><div>Plastic film sheet </div><div>Four colored water</div><div>4 pieces of 80 cm tubing</div><div>White corrugated plastic</div>
<div>This is the main lever powered by hydraulic pistons which can be used to move it up and down along with side by side, this is the heart and most important part of the machine.</div>
<div>This is the control box or piston box which is connected to the claw to move it around. There are total of four syringes powered with hydraulics.</div>
<div>This is the frame of the machine, mainly used to secure the "guts" of the claw machine and mechanics.</div>
<div>one of the simple machines we used is lever.</div>