<div>Our main board to keep everything sturdy, we decided to use corrugated plastic as it is flexible and sturdy. 20cm x 18cm</div>
<div>3 cm x 17cm. We use our bass wood to create the poles for our bridge. One problem that occurred was that the poles were not sturdy and kept falling, therefore, we should have made the wood thicker in width. </div>
<div>These are the 2 big syringes, these act as a powerhouse to our bridge. They are the most important part, because when we push them, the water (hydraulics) is pushed to the other small syringes which makes the wood move like a bridge. </div>
<div>Other big syringe which is connected to the smaller syringes. </div>
<div>This is the 30 cm tube that is on both sides of our bridge. It transports the fluid (hydraulics) from the big syringes to the smaller ones so that the wooden plank could move up or down. </div>
<div>Our corrugated plastic that has a whole in it to fit the small syringe. We cut it with an exacto knife to ensure it would be the perfect size for our small syringe. This was an important step because if we messed up the angle the plastic was at, then it would ruin the contact point between the syringe and the wooden plank. The contact was important because if it did not make solid contact then the wooden plank would not move properly. </div>
<div>This is our small syringe. It is connected to the 30 cm tube, therefore the liquid from the big tube is transported to the small syringes. When the liquid is pushed through to the small syringes, the top of it starts to move up, also moving the wooden plank. This occurs because the top of the syringe is connected to the wooden plank, then when we want the plank to go down we the pull the top of the big syringes. </div>
<div>Our wooden plank. Which moves due to the force of hydraulics. </div>
<div>These are our screws (all thanks to Noah). We had trouble finding a way to fit the screw in, because it could not be tight as it has to be flexible. Therefore, drilled a whole. added a golden clip, then fit the screw in-between, connecting it to the piece of wood. </div>
<div>Blue rapid bridge. </div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div> youtu.be