<div>This is the control panel. It consists of a stand and 4 syringes, which are connected to their corresponding syringes on the arm itself. Pushing or pulling the control panel syringes control the arm´s functions, like the movement of the arm, the claw, and the rotation.</div>
<div>Materials:</div><div>8 syringes</div><div> 3 Zip ties </div><div>Cardboard Popsicles (4)</div><div> 25cm tubes</div><div>Super Glue</div><div>Pliers </div><div>Wire cutters</div><div>Toothpicks</div><div>Drill</div><div>Hand saw</div><div>Paper cutter</div><div>Paper clips</div><div>Balsa wood</div><div>Old battery </div><div>Plastic as base </div><div>Battery</div>
<div>The base of the arm is made of the same paper board we used to make the arm itself. It is made up of multiple layers of board. This is to accommodate the pivot point, an AA battery.</div>
<div>This is the claw hand. This allows the claw to pick up objects and move them places. </div><div>It, along with everything on this project, is controlled with the syringes.</div>
<div>This is one of the joints. Made by toothpicks, and glued into place. Allows the section to move up and down.</div>
<div>This is a joint. It is made by toothpicks, and allows the section of arm to move up and down.</div>
<div>The type of control we used was pneumatic, or air. We chose to use pneumatic because it was the easiest option, the most cost effective, and is unable to spill. The last point was the most important because our project was mostly made with paper board, and a spill could seriously damage it.</div>
<div>The battery is not to power the arm. We used the battery to weigh the arm down when rotating the arm and/or the arm goes up.</div>
<div>This is the tubing. We used different sized tubing for each control. (i.e. for the rotation syringe is shorter than the one for the claw.</div>
<div>We got our inspiration for the claw from this video.</div> youtu.be How to Make Hydraulic Powered Robotic Arm from Cardboard In this video I show you how to make robotic arm from cardboard, it's quite fun to plaw with. Especi...
<div>This is the base of the entire project. It accommodates the entire arm and the sign that says our project´s name and our names.</div>
<div>The sign that reads: ¨The CLAW¨ and our names.</div>
<div>This syringe controls the upper section of the arm.</div>
<div>This syringe controls the hand.</div>
<div>This syringe controls the rotation of the arm.</div>
<div>Though not shown in the picture, we added wooden supports to the bottom of the entire project, since the arm didn't clear the table before.</div>
<div><span style="font-size:16px;">The VIDEO</span></div><div><br></div><div><br></div> youtu.be
<div>Type of Simple Machine=Lever C3</div>
<div>Our sca</div>