<div>-2 syringes 20 ml</div><div>-4 bass woods 15 cm</div><div>-Inclined plane 15.5 cm/10 cm</div><div>-5 cm tube</div><div>-2 small pulleys </div><div>-Strings 16 cm</div><div>-Plastic platform 26x10</div><div>-Plastic 3x2</div><div>-Plastic 11x10</div><div>-Plastic 5x5</div>
<div>Procedure</div><div> 1.Gather materials </div><div> 2. Fill up 1 syringe with 30 ml of liquid </div><div> 3. Attach both syringes together with tube leaving 1 syringe empty </div><div> 4. Glue 4 bass woods with corrugated plastic </div><div>5. Drill hole the through the center of the cardboard and add the syringes </div><div> 6. Add ramp from the edge of the platform to the syringe top </div><div> 7. Attach pulleys to string to platform </div><div> 8. Build pulley box for lego men and attach to the string </div><div> 9. Attach 2 small bass wood from pulley to platform </div><div> 10. Attach 5x5 platform on top of syringe</div>
<div>Things that went well:</div><div>-Our building was efficient, we had leftover building periods to use to both work on the writing part and make our machine aesthetically pleasing</div><div>-The materials we had were used effectively</div><div>-We planned very carefully so that we could solve any problems before we started building</div><div>Things that could have gone better:</div><div>-One of our syringes broke because it was too big so we had to switch to smaller syringes.</div><div>-The syringe kept falling out so we had to hot glue it in</div><div><br></div>
<div>We changed the size of the syringe from the original design we also added a piece on the bottom to hold the pulley down.</div>
<div>Here's how it works. The first syringe pushes the water upwards into the second one. This makes it rise and when there is a car on top the car will rise.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div> www.youtube.com