<div>This is the QR code to the official Smart water website. On this Website you can view more products made by Glaceau, find locations where they sell smart water and more.</div>
<div>I chose to sponsor my ad by Coca Cola because Coca Cola privately owns Smart water and coca cola sometimes sponsors smart water privately. I also found it fascinating because coca cola owns smart water and they are both huge companies.</div>
<div>This woman is the main focus point of the ad because she is like a testimonial showing the target audience who is teens to early adults that smart water is good cause the woman seems to be enjoying the water. I cropped her with the lasso tool and since the picture she was in only had her shoulders up, I put her at the bottom so it didn't look like she was cut off.</div>
<div>This is another focus point because this is where I added my face in. If you can see my arm looks like its holding the water. I edited my picture with the lasso tool and the wand. My picture was from my elbows up so like I did for the testimonial, I placed my elbows near the bottom of the ad so it didn't look cut off. I think it was a good idea to add the bottle in my arm because usually when a person is advertising a product, the product is in their arms.</div>
<div>I used scale for the 5 bottles to show smart water in a unique way. I was going for the idea of little smart water bottles on each side and then it grows bigger and their is one large bottle in the middle like the spotlight.</div>
<div>This is my slogan which is targeted towards ages 11-18 because its says be smart and that would help teens in school up to their 18 because when their 18, they graduate from high school. My slogan relates to the product because it states that the roduct makes you smart and hydrated at the same time.</div>