<div>It was a really hot day and Michael and his grandma were at the bus stop. As soon as they sat down on the bench Michael and his grandma had to stand up let another boy and his mom sit on the bench. Michael and his grandma were at the bus stop first but they still had to get up and let them sit on the bench.Because this is just how it worked in their town.</div><div><br></div>
<div>After the boy stopped drinking, Michael started to walk toward the fountain. "Michael" his grandmother yelled. "don't you even think about doing anything like that." Michael suddenly freezed, and went with his grandmother.</div>
<div>The white water was driving Michael crazy. He couldn't take it anymore, he just had to find out what the white water tasted like</div>
<div>Michael walked down the road to the bus stop. He got on the bus and went to town. </div><div><br></div><div>When Michael got to town, he was extremely scared. Everyone who saw Michael knew he was up to something. Michael ran across the street as fast as he could go to the fountain. As soon as he got there, he took a big gulp, and then.</div>
<div>Michael and his grandmother were going to the bus stop where they were going to take a bus to the town.</div>
<div>Michael's grandma paid their fare for the bus at the front, got off the bus, went to the back door of the bus and got on again.</div>
<div>Michael saw the same boy he saw at the bus stop with his mom sitting at the front of the bus</div>
<div>When they got to town Michael really wanted some water, and the other boy was thinking the exact same thing. </div><div>When Michael got to the water fountain, the water tasted fine but after a few sips, the water tasted warm muddy and disgusting. The water didn't taste good at all. </div><div>When Michael stopped drinking the disgusting water, he looked up and saw that the boy from before had still been drinking the water from the fountain. Michael was wondering why the boy kept on drinking the water, when the water he just drank didn't taste good at all. This put a negative image about the coloured water in michaels head. he thought the white water was pure and cold. Suddenly, all Michael wanted to do was find out what the white water tasted like.</div>
<div>After that incident, Michael couldn't concentrate on anything, not even at school. Michael could only think about the white water. The white water was starting to get Michael in a lot of trouble.</div>
<div>That night, Michael had a nightmare. In the nightmare, Michael snuck into town and was standing in front of the fountain. He turned the knob, and was about to take a big gulp . When suddenly, two police officers grabbed Michael, handcuffed him, and took him to jail. Michael screamed, "Grandma! Grandma!" Michael's grandma woke Michael up and and told Michael that it was just a dream. *Whew* Michael thought.</div>
<div>That night, Michael made a plan. He would go to town alone and get a taste of the white water.</div>
<div>The next morning, Michael pretended to be sick and stayed home from school. Michael waited until his grandmother went to work. If he was to get caught, Michael would be in a lot of trouble, but Michael was extremely determined to get a taste of the white water.</div>
<div>hite water that Michael was so determined to try, wasn't cool or fresh at all! It wasn't anything like what Michael had thought it would be. The white water tasted muddy and warm. It tasted just like the water that Michael drank from the other fountain.</div>
<div>Then suddenly, someone appeared behind Michael. It was the other boy's mom. Michael was so startled he fell, and for the first time, he saw the that the same pipe gave water to both fountains!</div>
<div>Michael then thought that the two signs had had put a bad idea in his mind. Even if the two fountains had different signs, they put had the same water..... They were equal. </div><div><br></div><div>The same is with people. Every person is different, but everyone should be treated equally. It doesn't matter what skin color you are, or how you look, everyone should be treated fairly</div>
<div>That's when Michael realized... that he could do anything. And from that day on, Michael wouldn't let anything stand in his way.</div>