Want to know how this story was created?
<div>It starts off when The Rebellion realizing that the resistance is trying to defeat them once in for all.</div>
<div>Poe decides to defend the Rebellion even though the Rebellion had no hope of winning.</div> 4.bp.blogspot.com
<div>Rey goes to Earth and finds Luke Skywalker and convinces him to teach her how to control the force.</div> pm1.narvii.com
<div>Rey connects with the force with Darth Vader (Ben) and they plan to team up to kill Darth Vader's Master.</div> orig04.deviantart.net
<div>Rey goes to Ben and pretend that Ben has captured her. (Ben's master ordered him to capture her)</div> starwarsblog.starwars.com
<div>Ben kills his master and then him and Rey starts fightning the guards. </div> cdn.inquisitr.com
<div>After Rey and Ben beat the guards , Ben asks Rey to join "The Dark Side", but Rey refuses and they both started fighting until Rey escaped.</div> static.tumblr.com
<div>The Rebellions make there way back to there base. And they find that the Resestance had followed them with all of there AT ATs and starships.</div> vulkk.com
<div>At the end Luke Skywalker made a distraction for The Rebellion to escape and they did but Luke Skywalker dies.</div> www.starwarsnewsnet.com
<div>Princess Leia</div>
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