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<div>Story starts of as the three little pigs leave home to go live on their own</div> www.thinglink.com Login - ThingLink
<div>This is the big bad wolf</div>
<div>They find a beautiful spot in the woods to start building a house </div> s3.thingpic.com
<div>Pig # 1 builds a house of straws</div><div>Pig # 2 builds a house of sticks</div><div>Pig # 3 builds a house of bricks </div>
<div>The big bad wolf blows pig # 1's house down by huffing and puffing. Pig # 1 escapes and runs to pig # 2's house.</div>
<div>Pig # 1 arrives to pig # 2's house but the big bad wolf followed.The big bad wolf blows pig # 2's house down. Pig # 1 and 2 escape and run to pig # 3's house</div>
<div>Pig # 1 and 2 arrive to pig # 3's house. The wolf follows and tries to blow down the brick house but failed.</div>
<div>The big bad wolf had an idea to sneak down the chimney. Little did he know the pigs were smart enough to put boiling water right below.</div>
<div>Little did he know the pigs were smart enough to put boiling pot of soup right below the chimney.</div>
<div>The wolf falls into the hot boiling pot of soup.</div>
<div>The big bad wolf ran away because he was so scared of the 3 little pigs</div>
<div>The big bad wolf never returned as the 3 little pigs lived very save and happily ever after</div>
<div>The 3 little pigs</div>
<div>The forest</div>